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good night children, be on tomorrow as soon as i wake up and do the rest of the imagines :) i love you all ! night 

-shannon xx

zaynietheboo said: can i have a imagine with harry i love laughing and having fun i also love fashin can you make him jelous thank you just followed ;)

course i can but i’ll post it tomorrow cause its 1am and im tired, im sorry :( and thankyou for following i followed you back :) xxx

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Imagine for anh!

Part 1 for Anh! 

You had been waiting in line for over two very long hours. But it was all worth it because, at the front of the line were One Direction. You were gripping you CD in your sweaty palms where you were so nervous to see them, especially Harry. You had always felt like you could really get to know him. Another half an hour passed by and you realised you were the last one there. You were finally in front of them. First up, Liam! “Hello! I’m so sorry about the wait! What’s your name?” he said with a big smile. “My names, Anh and its fine it was all worth while cause I get to see you all!” you say just as cheerily but a bit shaky. He handed the CD down to Zayn “Hi zayn! I bet your hand aches from all that writing?” you say trying to act casual “Haha, yeah it does! It’s nice to meet you!” he says smiling as he passes down the CD to Niall. “Hi there! How’s your day been going?” Niall said with his gleaming blue eyes staring up at you. “Hi Niall and yeah its been really good thanks! I bet you’re hungry though?” you say giggling. He replies chuckling to himself “Yeah I’m starving! There isn’t even a Nandos here, I think I’m going to die!” You laugh ad he hands the CD to Louis. *your nearly there, nearly at harry* you think to yourself. “Hi louis!” you say smiling, “Hey, Anh is it?” he says curiously. “Yeah it is” you say giggling, you thank him for signing it and there he was. Harry styles. As he looked up he was staring right into your eyes, like he was mesmerised by you. “Harry? HARRY! Come on, this girls waiting!” Paul said lightly pushing his shoulder. “What? Oh, um..Right” Harry said shaking his head “Hi Harry! Having fun today?” you said quietly. “Yeah it started to get better in the last 10 minutes” Harry said winking at you, you couldn’t help but blush. He handed you your CD, you thanked him and walked away. *I cant believe I just met Harry Styles!!!* You thought. Halfway to the exit you heard someone running towards you and shouting for you to wait. You slowly turned around to your amazement and saw that it was Harry! 

-For anh! This is the first part down worry I’ll post more soon! I’m sorry if its rubbish, give me feedback? 

shannon xxx

Anonymous said: Hi! I'm Anh - Can i get an imagine where i meet Harry at a CD signing & he asks for my number. I play hard to get but 2 months later we end up together. I'm still in highschool & i just got off cheer practice. & he was suppose to pick me up.. But he's 15 min late. i decide to walk & see his ex flirting with him (him flirting back) while i start walking away he see's me? You finish the rest.& can i get it to where like you continue the imagine everyday until it ends. if not a fanfic then a long 1

okay and im so sorry for the late reply my computer keeps shutting down on me :) i’l get started right now and post it around tomorrow early afternoon :) 

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Give me your imagines!

PLEASEEEEEE send me your imagines with your name, a boy, a scenario and a bit about yourself ! I’ll do the best that I can and I’ll post it asap !!! 

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I wanna see how many of my follower CARE if im dead :/ Thats all ~Mikah

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Send me your One Direction imagine fantasies!!!

Send me your name, your boy, your scenario and a bit about yourself! I’ll post it asap and I haven’tactually done a first one yet so…if you get it, I am very truly sorry if it crap :) x

-shannon xx


send me a boy and a scenario for an imagine :) im new to this so im sorry if the first few are rubbish, atleast im trying :P oh and i dont do dirty one sorry :P xx

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im sorry but i bet half of these people dont even know who kevin, jimmy, paul, ed, josh, andy, anne, or even perrie are. idk. its just sad to me</3

^It’s possible to love One Direction without knowing everyone related to them

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So I’m new to all this tumblr stuff and all I really know is imagines. So if you could send me a scenario and a boy I’ll try and do you one as soon as possible :)


im new to all this but i wanna start doing One Direction imagines! NOT DIRTY. so send me requests of what boy and a scenario :)